About the Workshops

We have two kinds of workshops that are on offer with Philip Bloom. First up, we need to re-iterate that these workshops are not for beginners or basic in any way. Although beginners are welcome, we are focussed on people who are already using DSLR’s & Large sensor camera’s, and who have some production experience.

The large one day workshops (Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban) are for a maximum of 100 people, where you will learn from Philip in an open environment allowing for questions and covering various topics relating to not only a specific camera, but rather a way of applying techniques to any camera you may have access to.

For those who want a bit more of a hands on experience with Philip, we have a smaller and more specialized two day masterclass (Cape Town & Johannesburg) for up to 25 people per class. You will be shooting with Philip in a specified location and then spend the next day editing and piecing your work together under his guidance and advice.

Large 1 day Workshops – Limited Seats Available

  • Getting the best out of your DSLR
  • Recording Sound
  • Accessorising your kit
  • Analysis of a piece
  • Large Sensor Camcorders
  • Time lapse
  • DRINKS! 😉 – a great chance to network with like minded people

Small 2 day Masterclass (JHB & CT Sold Out)


  • Getting the best out of your DSLR including Settings, Lenses
  • Accessories, what you need and what you don’t
  • Time lapse
  • Looking at things differently – a lead into the shooting exercise
  • Shooting exercise – Must be wrapped by 6.30pm and everyone should cut a sequence of no less than ten shots to ‘tell the story’ to be viewed the next day


  • Analysis of the clips from the students
  • Questions resulting from the shooting exercise
  • Sound
  • Analysis of a piece
  • Large sensor camcorders
  • Final questions
  • DRINKS! 😉 a great chance to network with like minded people

Booking a place in our workshops is as simple as clicking on the image below, and completing the form displayed.